In scathing ruling, judge dismisses Trump campaign’s effort to overturn election results in Pennsylvania

A federal court in Pennsylvania on Saturday rejected President Donald Trump’s request to block the declaration of the state’s 2020 election results to give his lawyers time to find evidence to support the claim. their system of voting erroneous and inappropriately counting votes.

In a fierce decision, US District Court Judge Matthew Brann criticized the lack of evidence presented by Trump’s election campaign to support his argument of eliminating all voters in the bloc. Commonwealth. who voted in the 2020 elections — nearly 7 million in total.

Brann notes that the case has grown in less than two weeks “history of torture procedures” including a march of lawyers for the campaign, transferring legitimate arguments to suspend the court ruling. federal appeal, and adjourned eleven times to delay. hearing.

Brann wrote that the only legal requirement — an alleged violation of the equality protection clause of the US Constitution — was “Frankenstein’s monsters … tightly coupled with each other” from two legal theories.

The ruling completely dismissed the issue submitted by the Trump campaign and two Republican voters said their vote was rejected for technical reasons, while those with similar flaws were accepted. with thousands of voters in the strongholds of the state Democrats. The special decision to deny allows the charges to be changed.

However, Trump tweeted that he would apply.

“This court cannot find any cases where plaintiffs seek such a terrible remedy in a election, in terms of the number of votes declared invalid,” Brann wrote. in the 37 page decision.

“You can expect that, in looking for such a dreadful outcome, the plaintiff will come up with strong legal arguments and accuse widespread corruption,” he wrote. to this court without merit and speculative allegations, … no supporting evidence.

“In the United States, this cannot discourage a voter, let alone the sixth most populous state’s voter.”

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