Fox News pulls plug on Trump spokeswoman making baseless claims of fraud Moments into

“Wow, wow, who, I think we have to be clear. He accused the other side of accepting fraud and accepting illegal elections, “Cavuto cut the video and said he was” spontaneous “at McCain’s job. White House Officials. “If he doesn’t have any other evidence to prove it, I can’t do it well. I want to make sure they have something to support him, but it’s an obligation. powerful sin they are trying to bring — that the other side is working hard and cheating. “

According to the Associated Press, Mr. McCain quoted some election officials as saying that 290 Trump electoral districts did not accept the loss of Joe Biden, who received 214 votes for the presidency. According to the AP news agency. . McCain accused Pennsylvania election officials of diverting voters away from Trump’s campaign and assaulting the Supreme Court and the Pennsylvania Foreign Minister with charges against them. Trumpet.

With 99% of the vote in Pennsylvania, Biden leads Trump with more than 45,000 votes. The AP summoned the country to Biden on Saturday and placed the country in the top 270 presidential nominations needed to run in the presidential election. But Trump refused to admit defeat, and his campaign filed a number of lawsuits in Pennsylvania and other wave zones in hopes of overturning the results there.

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