As states began to certify victory-marking election results for President-elect Joe Biden, though Donald Trump did not admit it, there was a clear sign his post-tenure life was taking shape: Secret agents on the president’s details are being asked whether they are interested in moving to Palm Beach, Florida, the sources told ABC News.

The Secret Service’s Miami scene office has also begun considering material reinforcements for Mar-a-Largo, the presidential club he calls the “Winter White House,” the sources added. . These moves are considered unofficial as Trump has yet to yield to Biden.

Trump, a longtime Queens born New Yorker, changed his residence to Florida last year and voted there in late October. …

A federal court in Pennsylvania on Saturday rejected President Donald Trump’s request to block the declaration of the state’s 2020 election results to give his lawyers time to find evidence to support the claim. their system of voting erroneous and inappropriately counting votes.

In a fierce decision, US District Court Judge Matthew Brann criticized the lack of evidence presented by Trump’s election campaign to support his argument of eliminating all voters in the bloc. Commonwealth. who voted in the 2020 elections — nearly 7 million in total.

Brann notes that the case has grown in less than two weeks “history of torture procedures” including a march of lawyers for the campaign, transferring legitimate arguments to suspend the court ruling. federal appeal, and adjourned eleven times to delay. …

Two Michigan lawmakers were summoned to the White House on Friday over President Trump’s attempt to reverse the election results in that state, saying they would obey the “law”. determine the winner.

Senate Michigan Senate President Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield released a statement about leaving an extraordinary meeting at the White House that was criticized by Washington lawmakers on both sides.

“The Senate and House Inspection Committees are actively engaged in in-depth oversight of the Michigan electoral process, and we believe in the committee’s process to provide clarity and accountability. more for our citizens, ”read a joint statement from the two committees. “We have not been informed of any information that could change the outcome of the Michigan election and as the legislative leaders we will follow the law and follow the normal process. …

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa.; (AP) — Representing a client inside a courtroom for the first time in nearly three decades, Rudy Giuliani showed some rust as he tried to make the case that theft of President Donald Trump from re-election.

The former federal prosecutor and mayor of New York City, who took over Trump’s efforts to reverse election results, entered a courthouse in the small town of Pennsylvania in Williamsport Tuesday with a few dozen people- Trump’s backing supports him from across the street.

Over the course of a few hours, he fiddled with his Twitter account, forgot the judge he was speaking to and threw around wild and unsupported allegations of national conspiracy by the Democrats to steal the election. …

MADISON, Wis. President Donald Trump’s campaign will pay close to $ 8 million to start recounting in Wisconsin, a state he almost lost two weeks ago.

Trump will have to decide on Wednesday whether to go ahead with the recount he has promised to pursue.

If his campaign upfront costs $ 7.9 million, the vote count will start as early as Thursday and complete by December 1, according to the State Election Commission.

Trump has been fundamentally raising the recount in Wisconsin and legal challenges in other states to try to overturn Democratic Joe Biden’s victory. …

Washington President (AFP) Donald Trump has publicly withdrew from the fight against the Coronavirus virus as the disease is spreading across the United States at an alarming rate.

Trump, after losing his re-election to President Joe Biden, remains angry with the news that a preventative vaccine development will come after Election Day. Aides said the president has shown little interest in the growing crisis even as cases have been re-tested on skyrocketed intensive care units and hospitals in many parts of the country. almost at full capacity.

Public health experts worry that Trump’s refusal to work hard on the pandemic or coordinate with Biden’s team in the last two months of his term will only have viral effects and hindering the country’s ability to deliver vaccines quickly next year. …

PARIS / RIYADH (Reuters) — France said an explosion at a World War I memorial in Jeddah injured some people on Wednesday, while calling on the country’s citizens to live in Saudi Arabia needs to be very vigilant about what they describe as an IED attack.

The explosion was the second security incident to have occurred in the coastal city overlooking the Red Sea in the past two weeks, and was the first in years to try to hit foreigners in the conservative kingdom.

The French Foreign Ministry said the attack took place at a ceremony held in Jeddah with the participation of foreign embassies. …

“Wow, wow, who, I think we have to be clear. He accused the other side of accepting fraud and accepting illegal elections, “Cavuto cut the video and said he was” spontaneous “at McCain’s job. White House Officials. “If he doesn’t have any other evidence to prove it, I can’t do it well. I want to make sure they have something to support him, but it’s an obligation. powerful sin they are trying to bring — that the other side is working hard and cheating. “

According to the Associated Press, Mr. McCain quoted some election officials as saying that 290 Trump electoral districts did not accept the loss of Joe Biden, who received 214 votes for the presidency. According to the AP news agency. . McCain accused Pennsylvania election officials of diverting voters away from Trump’s campaign and assaulting the Supreme Court and the Pennsylvania Foreign Minister with charges against them.

Washington — Florida turned red on Tuesday night, as President Donald Trump and his advisers preached on the eve of the 2016 election as the Florida victory declared victory in general. thought.

Inside the Eastern Room, I was thrilled when hundreds of people, including cabinet secretaries, man ambosa and former public officials who remained loyal to Trump, ate and mixed with sliders and French fries. Officials, skeptical of the possibility of electing a presidential election, suddenly began to think of another four years of power.

A sword-wielding man was stabbed when Fox News called Arizona for former Vice President Joe Byden at 11:20 p.m. …

A former Pennsylvania Gov. said. Tom Ridge, a Republican, said Wednesday that President Trump’s efforts to prevent votes from being counted in Pennsylvania and Michigan were “un-American” and “wrong.”

“I am grateful and truly grateful that so many Republicans, so many conservative Republicans, dismissed your comments as inappropriate, I say non-Americans, because to a degree you are trying to disenfranchise not only millions of Pennsylvania residents, but also to millions of voters in Michigan and Wisconsin and Nevada and elsewhere, ”said Ridge.

“So Mr. President, I was wrong,” said Ridge, who was secretary of homeland security during George W. Bush’s presidency.


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